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In 1999 Erik Vidal was the founder and CEO of Fragments of a Hologram Rose Inc., pioneering live video on the Internet, as well as the creator, producer, and director of the "Here and Now" project, the first ever live, uncut broadcast of real life to the Internet, full motion video and audio, 24/7.

He is now a writer, screenwriter, and producer of film. His work has been featured in print, online, and on radio and television throughout the world. He lives in Hollywood, CA.


Noted Press Features in Print:
Entertainment Weekly (page 1), USA Today, Details Magazine (page 1), Maxim Magazine, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine, the Cleveland Plain Dealer (page 1, page 2), the New Orleans Times-Picuyane (page 1, page 2), France’s Le Monde (cover, pages 1 and 2, pages 3 and 4, translation), and Femme Actuelle magazine (pages 1 and 2, page 3), Germany's Der Speigal, Belgium's Flair magazine (pages 1 and 2, page 3, page 4), England's .Net magazine (page 1), Australia's magazine, South Africa’s Daily News (page 1), Brazil’s Contigo! magazine, Norway’s Aftenposten, Canada's Computerist Magazine, and more.

Noted Press Features Online:
Wired News, (page 1), FOX News Online (page 1), the Microsoft Network,, the Streaming Media Newsletter, Calibri Arts (page 1), the Chronicle of Higher Education (page 1), PC World India (page 1), Net Language (page 1), New Art Examiner, and more.

Noted Television and Radio Features:
FOX News, CBS News, the New York City News, the 51st Annual Emmy Awards, ZDTV’s Internet Tonight, the Todd Mundt Show on NPR, and more.

Noted Speaking Engagements:
INA’S “Imagina 2000” in Monaco, France, HearMe’s “Shout 2000” in San Francisco, and more.

Noted Museum Exhibits:
"Here and Now" was the subject of a video installation piece in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City throughout the year of 1999.